78 Card Regin Antique Tarot Set Claret Red

78 Card Regin Antique Tarot Set Claret Red

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78 Card Regin Ancient Tarot Deck There are 78 Regin Ancient Tarot Cards in the box.

It comes with a pouch where you can keep your tarot or put your crystals.

Tarot booklet is available. Tarot cards show the spiritual meaning of life's lessons.

The cards are also depictions of psychological character, spirituality or different parts of our soul.

None of us can change the past and the future.

However, thanks to the energy we give to the cards, we can answer our curiosities and draw our direction with the answers we will receive to the questions we consult.

Try to interpret what the cards say with the information we have explained, do not forget to add your intuition. The deck is handcrafted using 1st class craft paper.

Due to this, you may see slight cracks on the back edges of the cards or small abrasions that will not bother you.

After a short time of use due to the paper's characteristics, these cracks and peeling will turn into great details that support the antique look.

Your deck will serve you for many years and will constantly surprise you with its ever-increasing antique effect. It has been adapted for symbolic readings.

Product Dimension

11.5 x 6.5 cm

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