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Anime Naruto 3D Head Mug

Anime Naruto 3D Head Mug

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Price : €7,798(Vat included)
Discounted : €6,379(Vat included)

For You;

Nothing can replace a hot tea, coffee in the winter months or cold soft drinks in the summer heat.

Don't miss these dazzling mug models that will warm you up or cool you down!

You can gift this cute, printed Anime Naruto 3D Head Mug to yourself or your loved ones.

You can use it at breakfast - in the office - in the office - in the cafe - at work - at 5 teas wherever and whenever you want.

Cup Size;

Height: 10 / Width: 12 cm

Ceramic Custom Design Printed Mug

Material: Ceramic / Capacity: 200 ml / Interior colour is cream.

Not suitable for microwave, oven use. Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.


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