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Anime Nezuko Kamado Figüre
Anime Nezuko Kamado Figüre

Anime Nezuko Kamado Figüre

Discount Rate : %20 Discount
Price : €8,862(Vat included)
Discounted : €7,089(Vat included)

For You

Thanks to the figures, we can always keep our favourite anime, cartoon, etc. characters in front of our eyes.

If you want to see Nezuko Kamado, a demon character in Demon Slayer anime, in your environment, Anime Nezuko Kamado Figure is at Carpe for you!

You can display your figure as you wish in the living room, bedroom, office and anywhere you think is suitable.

Product Features

Figure Dimensions: Height: 9 cm / Width: 5 cm

Stand Dimensions : Height: 6 cm / Width: 6 cm

Made of high quality raw materials and durable PVC.

The figure and stand come disassembled. You can combine the hole in the foot of the figure with the protrusion on the stand.

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