Babygril Gold Butterfly Necklace

Babygril Gold Butterfly Necklace

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Price : 59,88 TL(Vat included)
Discounted : 47,88 TL(Vat included)

For You;

Babygril Gold Butterfly Necklace, which will complement your combinations by adding a completely different atmosphere, is at Carpe for you!

This product, which will suit your neck and your combination, is waiting for you to reflect you. May the beauty and elegance of angels be with you.

Product Features

Chain length 24cm

Total chain length: 54cm

Babygril pendant: 5cm / Butterfly pendant: 1cm

Babygril necklace and butterfly are combined.


Do not let the product come into contact with water, perfume, deodorant etc.

You can use transparent nail polish against tarnishing.

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