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Smoked Washed Short Denim Jacket

Smoked Washed Short Denim Jacket

Discount Rate : %28 Discount
Price : €17,819(Vat included)
Discounted : €12,828(Vat included)

For You;

Are you ready to completely emphasise your style? The Smoked Washed Short Denim Jacket that you can combine with all kinds of things is just for you!

By including it in your combinations, you can complete your style in an original way and draw attention to yourself in any environment.

It is first quality denim and does not fade easily.

Don't forget to check out our Jacket models for different jackets!


Product Information

It is a full mould. You can choose your own size.

Size S Width: 42 cm / Height 53 cm

Size M Width: 43 cm / Height 53 cm

Size L Width: 45 cm / Height 53 cm

Dimensions are current // 1- 2 cm may vary.


Model Size Dimensions

Height 1.57 Weight 47 kg

The model is wearing size S.

Accessories not included.

Fabric Type

%100 Denim

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