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Hunter x Hunter Killua 3d Night Light

Hunter x Hunter Killua 3d Night Light

Discount Rate : %40 Discount
Price : €7,092(Vat included)
Discounted : €4,255(Vat included)


If you want to be able to see your favourite anime at any time, Hunter x Hunter Killua 3d Night Light is at Carpe for you!

You can add a touch to your room decor according to your taste. Don't miss this product that you can use as a perfect background, decor and light. :)

Product Specifications:

With apparatus Length: 25 cm Width: 15 cm

Box content : 1 special design 3dilision plexiglass lamp design.

1 piece 12v adapter. 1 remote control for colour control.

1 specially designed wooden stand with 16 colour modules.

Colour can be changed with the remote control.

Works by plugging into the socket.

NOTE: There is gelatin on the character against scratches. You can remove the gelatin and use it.


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