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Brown Full Loose Pants
Brown Full Loose Pants
Brown Full Loose Pants

Brown Full Loose Pants

Discount Rate : %14 Discount
Price : €12,472(Vat included)
Discounted : €10,690(Vat included)

For You

Brown Full Loose Trousers with Y2k fashion style, which is the indispensable fashion of the 90s, can be complemented with stylish crops and bright accessories...

Our trousers model is a loose model and consists of brown colour. It is a model that you can combine as you wish.

Don't forget to check out our different Y2k models before they run out!

Product Dimensions

Size 46: Width: 47 cm / Height 112 cm

Size 48: Width: 50 cm / Height 113 cm

Size 50: Width: 52 cm / Height 116 cm

Size 52: Width: 56 cm / Height 1117 cm

Size 56: Width: 64 cm / Height 121cm

Dimensions are current // 1- 2 cm may vary.


Height: 169 cm Weight: 59 kg

.Fabric Type

100% Denim



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