Collage Tasseled Y2k Denim Skirt

Collage Tasseled Y2k Denim Skirt

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Price : 260,00 TL(Vat included)
Discounted : 229,90 TL(Vat included)

For You

Y2k fashion style, which is the indispensable fashion of the 90s, Collage Tasselled Y2k Denim Skirt is stylish from each other, complemented with crops, shiny accessories...

Our skirt model is a denim model, front pockets, buttons, tassels, denim colour. It is a model that you can combine as you wish.

Don't forget to check out our different Y2k models before they run out!

Product Dimensions

Size 34: Waist: 34 cm / Height: 34 cm

Size 36: Waist: 36 cm / Height: 35 cm

 Size 38: Waist: 38 cm / Height: 36 cm

 Size 40: Waist: 40 cm / Height: 38 cm

Product size measurements are up to date. 1 or 2 cm may vary.

Fabric Information

92% Cotton 6% Poleyster 2% Elestan


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