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Naruto Collage Card Skin Sticker

Naruto Collage Card Skin Sticker

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For You;

If you say you are an anime fan, this card covering sticker is just for you!

If you want to customize your public transportation cards such as credit-debit, bus, metro, etc., Naruto Collage Card Covering Sticker is available at Carpe!

Your card will take on a completely different atmosphere with its colorful and vibrant printing.

You can visit our Stationery-Sticker category for our various card covering stickers.

Product features

Before covering your card, you can take a photo of your card or make a note somewhere to easily access the card information.

The sticker coating does not interfere with any functions of your card, including contactless payments and ATM transactions.

In order to leave your card's chip exposed, you can remove the sticker part on the part of the sticker that corresponds to the chip.

It does not leave a trace when removed. It does not wear out and is not affected by water or alcohol. You can clean it with a wet cloth.

It has its own adhesive on the back, you can easily stick it to your card.

Suitable for standard chip cards.

It is long lasting.

It is one-sided.

Length: 8.5 cm Width: 5.5 cm

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