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Nezuko Kamado Wooden Stand

Nezuko Kamado Wooden Stand

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Price : €1,769(Vat included)
Discounted : €0,883(Vat included)

For You

Anime fans are here! Who wouldn't want your favourite anime characters to be in front of your eyes at all times?

Nezuko Kamado Wooden Stand is at Carpe for you!

Let your anime stand be with you wherever you want to see it on your desk, office, room, bookshelf.

Don't miss this specially designed and handmade product.


Product Features

The product is UV printed on wood.

The back is black, there is no pattern.

It is sent disassembled in a total of 4 pieces without installation.

Product installation is simple. First, 2 short sticks are combined, attached to the character from the character's space part.

Then it is placed so that it coincides with the empty place on the long rod.


Product Size

Width: 19 cm Height: 25 cm

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