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Nirvana Angel Oversize Sweatshirt

Nirvana Angel Oversize Sweatshirt

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Price : €17,819(Vat included)
Discounted : €16,037(Vat included)

For You;

In Utero is Nirvana's most popular track, a throwback to popular culture. This photo print, frequently shared by fans, is very trendy!

If you love listening to their songs, the Nirvana Angel Oversize Sweatshirt is for you!

You can enjoy wearing this sweatshirt, which will always keep you warm with its thick and soft oversize fabric and special stitching, for years without deforming.

You can combine whatever you want with skirts and cargo jeans.

You can visit the Sweatshirt category for different models before stocks run out!

Product features

Quality sweatshirt with three thread raising (cotton fabric inside) with special sewing performance.

Size S: Width: 60 cm / Length: 70 cm

Size M: Width: 62 cm / Length: 70 cm

Size L: Width: 65 cm / Length: 70 cm

Size XL: Width: 66 cm / Length: 73 cm

Size Measurements Are Current Measurements. (May differ by 1-2 cm.)

We recommend that you turn the product inside out, wash it at 30 degrees, and iron it inside out again.

Model Information

Model: Height: 1.57, Weight: 47, Model wears size S.

Fabric Type

100% Cotton

Thick three-thread raised fabric


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