Oghams Fortune Pouch And Veiled Rune Set

Oghams Fortune Pouch And Veiled Rune Set

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For You;

For those interested in the spirituality of nature, trees have always carried wisdom and been considered sacred.

Each Ogham symbol takes its name from Celtic mythology and metaphorical tree meanings.

Oghams are full of symbolism and spiritual magic and their meanings can contain many different messages.

It is important to understand and respect those who have used them over the years.

Oghams are sacred and powerful for those who have used them (and continue to use them) for spells, signs and magic.

They help you connect with the energy of each tree and the spirit of nature.

It is widely believed that it was the Druids (Celtic Priests) who created the Ogham to send secret and magical messages.

Oghams are used for divination, as well as for marking graves, marking boundaries and connecting with Nature and ancestors.

Product Dimensions

Set includes 25 pieces of tree sticks (Runesi)

Wooden Rune Box Storage pouch

Altar Cloth Guide Booklet

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