Front Pocket Blue Cargo Pants

Front Pocket Blue Cargo Pants

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Price : 551,88 TL(Vat included)
Discounted : 491,88 TL(Vat included)

For You;

Blue Cargo Trousers with Front Pockets, which has a different model with one pocket down and one pocket up, is at Carpe!

Don't miss this trouser model that you can make both comfortable and stylish combinations.

You can easily combine these trousers, which will attract everyone's attention with their different design, as you wish.

If you want to take a look at our different trouser models, you can visit our Trousers category!


Product Information

Size 26= Waist 32 cm Height 105 cm

Size 27 = Waist 33 cm Height 106 cm

Size 28= Waist 34 cm Height 107 cm

Size 29= Waist 35 cm Height 108 cm

Size 30= Waist 36 cm Height 109 cm

Size 31= Waist 37 cm Height 110 cm

Dimensions are current // 1- 2 cm may vary.


Fabric Type

%100 Cotton

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