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Pink Velvet Pants

Pink Velvet Pants

Discount Rate : %13 Discount
Price : €14,290(Vat included)
Discounted : €12,472(Vat included)

For You;

Are you ready to highlight your style? Carpe has stylish trousers for you

You can complete your style in an original way by including it in your combinations.

First quality colour is processed and does not fade.

If you say 'I love low waist', we recommend you not to miss these trousers :)

It has a wide leg and provides comfortable use.

Product Information

Size XS Width: 31cm / Height: 90cm / Leg Width: 27cm

Size S Width: 36cm / Height:91cm / Leg Width: 27cm

Size M Width: 39cm / Height: 92cm / Leg Width: 27cm

Size L Width: 40cm / Height: 93cm / Leg Width: 27cm

Size XL Width: 42cm / Height: 94cm / Leg Width: 27cm

Dimensions are current // 1- 2 cm may vary.


Model : Height : 1.70 Weight : 58 The model wore size S.

Fabric Type

%100 Cotton

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