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Retro Star Oversize Cardigan
Retro Star Oversize Cardigan
Retro Star Oversize Cardigan

Retro Star Oversize Cardigan

Discount Rate : %33 Discount
Price : €20,314(Vat included)
Discounted : €13,661(Vat included)


Retro Star Oversize Cardigan, which has a different and unique simplicity, is for you at Carpe!

You can wear it over your t-shirt on cool autumn evenings, or over your sweatshirts on winter days, to keep you cold and create great combinations.

Thanks to its three-thread raising, it leaves you feeling almost cold.

Visit our Cardigan category to take a look at our other cardigan models, which are among the most savior pieces you must have in your closet!

Product features

It has two front pockets, a zipper and a hood.

It is a thick three-thread raised fabric..

We recommend turning it inside out and washing it at 30 degrees.


Size S: Width: 52 cm / Length: 42 cm

Size M: Width: 54 cm / Length: 45 cm

Size L: Width: 56 cm / Length: 48 cm

Size XL: Width: 57 cm / Length: 48 cm

(Product dimensions are current. They may differ by 1 or 2 cm.)

Fabric Type

95% Cotton 5% Lycra


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