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Vanilla Incense Stick

Vanilla Incense Stick

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Vanilla Incense produced with aromatic oil obtained from the sticks of vanilla flower,

It flavours the air of the environment it fumigates with its sugary scent similar to ice cream, coffee and chocolate.

It is complementary for spa and yoga activities and also has an aphrodisiac effect.

Vanilla incense makes us feel happy and peaceful. Since vanilla is added to some foods, its odour has a relaxation effect.

This type of incense is one of the most preferred. The smell of vanilla is good for the respiratory tract and therefore helps us to breathe more comfortably.


When vanilla incense is used in rituals such as meditation and yoga, it increases the focus and effects even more.

It makes the mental activity processes of individuals more creative with its light but effective odour.

Therefore, it is used not only in homes but also in our workplaces in areas where we will work in a creative position.

Product Information:

There are 20 incense sticks in the box.

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